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The Love, Poetry and Revolution Special!

5 November 2013

After last weeks scary Halloween special, this week we freak you out further with crazy music from The Misunderstood, The Deviants, The Open Minds, Taiconderoga, John’s Children, The Shame, The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown and Shy Limbs.

Never trust a hippy, Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, Love, Poetry and Revolution compilation, Tony gives a brief holiday update, fear of flying, Paul talks about his time in Lille, rain and booze, Eurostar, Tony's International Gig Guide, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs, Tony has a twat proving yet again that there are many many twats in the world and Paul's off to the watch the fireworks!

Song 1: The Misunderstood – Find The Hidden Door
Song 2: The Deviants – You’ve Got To Hold On
Song 3: The Open Minds – Magic Potion
Song 4: Taiconderoga – Whitchi Tai To
Song 5: John’s Children – Jagged Time Lapse
Song 6: The Shame – Don’t Go ‘Way Little Girl
Song 7: The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown - Nightmare
Song 8: Shy Limbs - Love

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