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The Transatlantic Special!

4 December 2013

This week we bring you a show with a truly transatlantic feel to it as Paul and Tony are on completely different continents! Apart from that crazyness we still manage to bring you great tracks from Oiz II Men, Nightmare Boyzzz, Smilin’ Sam, The Bonnevilles, The Things, Dan Raven, Youth Man and Lazaras.

Comedy Suburbs, pirate impression, Tony has your Facebook comments, Ann K, Tony talks about his first week, flight to San Francisco, fear of flying, San Francisco public transport, walking through Tenderloin, Black Friday, Tony's International Gig Guide, Paul talks about his Christmas shows, Tony talks about meeting Rem, Golden Gate Bridge, Tony talks about the week ahead, Yosemite & Death Valley, Punky before breakfast, no Izzatwat this week - get emailing!, soup, Tony talks about the San Francisco apartment, cable cars, weather and you'd better get ready for Christmas over the next couple of weeks!

Song 1: Oiz II Men - Cider
Song 2: Nightmare Boyzzz – Bender (Bad Patterns)
Song 3: Smilin’ Sam – Rhythm In My Feet
Song 4: The Bonnevilles – Hardtale Lurgan Blues
Song 5: The Things – Psycho Lover
Song 6: Dan Raven – Chant Sex Chant Love
Song 7: Youth Man - Insipid
Song 8: Lazaras – All I Want For Christmas Is A Mosrite Guitar

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