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The It's Christmas Part 2 Special!

18 December 2013

Is it Christmas yet? No? Good! Lets have another slice of Christmas Punky style with great songs from In Her Rotten Cheek, Tied For Last, The Vindictives, The Lolligaggers, Oldie Hawn, The Cock Blocks, The Bloody Muffs and Totally Pissed Off.

Mothers Day!, Ramone To The Bone, Tony doesn't have your Facebook comments, Tony sings you a song, Tony talks briefly about where he's been in the US, Scandinavia, Christmas Fact, Tony's International Gig Guide, Tony talks about his plans for the next week travelling, Paul's off to Malta, Christmas Fact, no Izzatwat this week, please do review us at iTunes, Christmas Fact and we finish with a proper Christmas song.

Song 1: In Her Rotten Cheek – How To Make Gravy 2
Song 2: Tied For Last – Please Daddy (Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas)
Song 3: The Vindictives – Nuttin’ For Christmas
Song 4: The Lolligaggers – A Lolligagger Christmas
Song 5: Oldie Hawn – Bag A Rocks
Song 6: The Cock Blocks – Bad Santa
Song 7: The Bloody Muffs – We Wish We Were Drunk For Christmas
Song 8: Totally Pissed Off – Christmas Chainsaw Massacre

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