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The Check My Symmetry Special!

14 January 2014

Well 2014 is definitely up and running now as we bring you another great (and on time) show featuring songs from Swampys, Genuine Hick, Damn Vandals, Vitne, Tall Boys, Disjecta Membra, Hit Me Baby and Long Tall Texans.

Don't forget to email in your jokes and poems, Valetine show, Tony has your Facebook comments, Cafepress clock, Twitter, The Derellas, Tony talks about his flight home, Tall Boys, Tony's International Gig Guide, get your Twats emailed to [email protected], Paul talks symmetry, Long Tall Texans and next week we'll announce the winner of the Christmas Competition!

Song 1: Swampys – Valley Of The Dead
Song 2: Genuine Hick – Wrong Turn
Song 3: Damn Vandals – Twist And Tangle
Song 4: Vitne – To The Sky
Song 5: Tall Boys – I Come From Another Planet Baby
Song 6: Disjecta Membra - Death By Discotheque
Song 7: Hit Me Baby – Oops!
Song 8: Long Tall Texans – Kamikaze Killer

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