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The Assault & BATtery Special!

24 March 2014

This weeks show is an Assault & BATtery special featuring fine songs from Texas Terri Bomb!, Memphis Mike And The Legendary Tremblers, Henry Cluney, The Upshots, Redliners, The Mescaline Babies, Trailer Park Cowboys and Pantychrist.

Texas Terri Bomb!, we talk about the Assault and BATtery compilation, Tony has your Facebook comments, The Scurge, old shows, Henry Cluney, quick maths, Tony talks about the band that wanted him to join, Paul went to Oslo, Tony's International Gig Guide, a text of complaint, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs, no Izzatwat, Tony has your US iTunes reviews and a reminder of how you can listen online!

Song 1: Texas Terri Bomb! – Never Shut Up
Song 2: Memphis Mike And The Legendary Tremblers – Little Juliet
Song 3: Henry Cluney – Electric Blue
Song 4: The Upshots – Three Chord Opera
Song 5: Redliners - Everyone Looks Better At Night
Song 6: The Mescaline Babies – Ashtray Head
Song 7: Trailer Park Cowboys – Still Know Her Name
Song 8: Pantychrist – No Gods, No Masters

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