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The Dave Phillips Special!

29 April 2014

We have a special guest this week, the one and only Dave Phillips. If that's not enough then we also have great songs from New Town Centres, Lupers, Juke Boy Barkus & Baldie McGhee, End Of Pipe, Goober Patrol, The Bastard Sons, Baby Woodrose and Dave Phillips & The Hot Rod Gang.

The New Town Centres, Comedy Suburbs, all quiet on the Facebook front, we say hello to Dave, New Zealand earthquake, Tony's got a chest infection, 2nd worst thing to happen to Tony, Paul talks about Trondheim, minibar blues, Tony's International Gig Guide, Facebook is a scouser, Paul talks about Oslo, new venues, Dave volunteers a twat, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs, Dave talks about his new film Seven Cases, Steven Berkoff, Paul talks about meeting Sam Fox and we end with a surprise competition!

Song 1: New Town Centres - Bacalao
Song 2: Lupers - Gatillazo
Song 3: Juke Boy Barkus & Baldie McGhee – Take Five
Song 4: End Of Pipe - Jack
Song 5: Goober Patrol – Man Of The People
Song 6: The Bastard Sons – O’ Brothel Where Art Thou?
Song 7: Baby Woodrose – Good Day To Die
Song 8: Dave Phillips & The Hot Rod Gang - Joyride

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