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The Jokes And Anger Special!

6 May 2014

It's a jokes and anger special this week, featuring great songs from The Urgent Kicks, The Scurge, Death Party UK, Blabbermouth, The Tickturds, Disjecta Membra, Smilex and Scanner.

Comedy Suburbs, some bad news about Captain Marbles, Sam Fox, The Scurge, Tony has your Facebook comments, New Town Centres, Pantychrist!, the most unusual one man band, Tony went to see Captain America 2, annoying cinema experiences, Paul talks about his gigs from the weekend, Tony's International Gig Guide, Sleaford Mods, little bit o' goth, Paul has had issues with his upcoming gig this weekend, Izzatwat Izzaback, crowd funding and a quick reminder of the stations which carry us!

Song 1: The Urgent Kicks - Tractor
Song 2: The Scurge – Sam Fox
Song 3: Death Party UK – Empty Inside
Song 4: Blabbermouth – Pay To Play
Song 5: The Tickturds – Mr Angry
Song 6: Disjecta Membra - Lilitu
Song 7: Smilex – Wasted Youth
Song 8: Scanner - Pornography

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