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The Straddling 2 Countries Special!

14 August 2014

This week we hold out our hands across the border and make the world that wee bit smaller when we broadcast from north and south at the same time. Never worry though we still bring you great songs from Officer Down, The Dustaphonics, Reagan Youth, Puff, TV Eye, COR, The Teamsters and Hit me Baby.

Paul is in Edinburgh, Comedy Suburbs, the Facebook song..., Tony has your Facebook comments, Guardians of the galaxy, Paul talks about his first week in Edinburgh, what's black, white and red all over?, Tony's International Gig Guide, Rich Morton, Paul's solo show, Scottish referendum, Izzatwat, festival issues and we'll be back next week - probably a couple of days later than usual.

Song 1: Officer Down – Pull The Last Punch
Song 2: The Dustaphonics – Big Smoke London Town
Song 3: Reagan Youth - USA
Song 4: Puff – Diese Stadt Ist Viel Zu Dreckig Fur Mein Baby Baby Baby Baby
Song 5: TV Eye – Birds And Bees
Song 6: COR – Ftse Fetish
Song 7: The Teamsters – Don’t Come Back Home
Song 8: Hit Me Baby - Oops

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