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The Get Involved And Get Sexy Special!

7 October 2014

Do you like a lot of chocolate on YOUR biscuit? If so join our Punky club and get ready for some great songs from The Mobbs, Frau Blücher And The Drünken Horses, Acid Baby Jesus, The Derellas, The Dead 60s, Stalins Of Sound, Pantychrist and The Youth.

The Mobbs, Comedy Suburbs, the Halloween special is coming up, Punky theme tune, Tony has your Facebook comments, Tony's been tiling, Paul talks about his gigs from the weekend, The Dead 60s, Tony's International Gig Guide, Tony's off to the dentist, sex, Wonk Unit, Pantychrist, Paul has an offer for you lucky lucky listeners, Izzatwat is all serious and Tony reminds you how you can listen online.

Song 1: The Mobbs – Where’s The Punk Rock?
Song 2: Frau Blücher And The Drünken Horses – P-I-T-A
Song 3: Acid Baby Jesus - Vegetable
Song 4: The Derellas – London A Go Go
Song 5: The Dead 60s – Ghostfaced Killer
Song 6: Stalins Of Sound - Meatbag
Song 7: Pantychrist – Carve My Name Into Your Chest
Song 8: The Youth – That’s Your Problem

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