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The Paulyb Is A Little Smashed Special!

14 October 2014

Well this week's show welcomes a special guest Paula who brings with her a vague alcoholic haze hovering around our heroes, who never the less still manage to bring you 8 great tracks from Bruiser Queen, Gino And The Goons, Wonk Unit, The Antidon’ts, Sick Thoughts, MFC Chicken, The Monsieurs and Sleeze.

Hello Paula, Paul and Paula have been out before the show, Tony has your Facebook comments, riot?, Wonk Unit, Tony is still tiling, explosions, tornado, Paul talks about his week, London, Barry the Vicar, England matches, masterbation, Tony's International Gig Guide, MFC Chicken, Tony talks about his week ahead, Paula talks about what she will be doing, Tony takes notes, Paul crowns Paula the Queen of Punky, Paul's off up to Edinburgh, Postman Twat and don't forget you can listen to us online a variety of ways.

Song 1: Bruiser Queen - Harlequin
Song 2: Gino And The Goons – Sex, Drugs & Paranoia
Song 3: Wonk Unit – Mr Recovery
Song 4: The Antidon’ts – Baby Calls The Shots
Song 5: Sick Thoughts - Cream
Song 6: MFC Chicken – I’m Her Pet
Song 7: The Monsieurs – Young Gun
Song 8: Sleeze – Morphine Queen

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