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The Where Art Thou O' Dark Lord Special!

11 November 2014

Satan may be absent, but there's no stopping the Punky madness this week as we bring you great music from Dragster, Sick Thoughts, Uendi, Cassels, The Mobbs, Gutter Demons, Deathbeams and The Anomalys.

Dragster, Satan has the week off, Tony has your Facebook comment, Tony has had a full on DIY week, Paul talks about his gigs from the week, bonfire, Tony's International Gig Guide, don't forget to email your questions for Satan, Tony's starting to plan for Christmas, Paul talks about Crock Of Mould, no Izzatwat this week, Tony's Internation Gig Guide Part 2 and Tony reminds you how to listen online!

Song 1: Dragster – Evil Craze
Song 2: Sick Thoughts – I Ain’t Done With You
Song 3: Uendi - Polliamide
Song 4: Cassels – We Wander In The Night
Song 5: The Mobbs – Just As Bad As You
Song 6: Gutter Demons - Advice
Song 7: Deathbeams – Mud
Song 8: The Anomalys – Deadline Blues

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