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The Hale and Brimstone Special!

2 December 2014

Paul's back from Lanzarote with tales of volcano fun, and if that wasn't enough to satisfy you then we also have great songs from Death Party UK, Luna Sopor, The Mobbs, Tripod, Baby Woodrose, Fire Exit, Bittersweet Collapse and Ashley Reaks.

Death Party UK, Nes has a question for Satan, Tony has your Facebook comments, Satan's website?, Paul talks about his holiday in Lanzarote, Volcano, the dangers of Facebook, Tony's International Gig Guide, Fire Exit, The Disability Special, Tony's booked his holiday, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs, Paul sings about Anne Diamond, "Izzatwat" iz not back and Tony reminds you of the stations which carry this fine show.

Song 1: Death Party UK - Hellzapoppin
Song 2: Luna Sopor – Candy Crush
Song 3: The Mobbs – We Don’t Need A God
Song 4: Tripod – Safe Place
Song 5: Baby Woodrose – Information Overload
Song 6: Fire Exit – Wheelchair Outa Control
Song 7: Bittersweet Collapse - Overdrive
Song 8: Ashley Reaks – I Wish That I Was Dead

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