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The Punk Rockroach Special!

9 December 2014

Ooooo it's nearly Christmas fa la laaaaa. Just before we shop the turkey off to Belize we bring you 8 great tracks from Cable 35, Oh! Gunquit, White Ape, Frau Blucher & The Drunken Horses, Origami Horses, Marijuanal, The Cardboard Crowns and Rebel Flesh.

We hear from Rem, everyone has a bit of Goth in them, Tony has your Facebook comments, Fatboy, silent listeners, Punk Rockroach, Tony has a new chair, Paul talks about his gigs from the weekend, the pub with no name, Tony's International Gig Guide, the 12 Bar, we talk about the week ahead, Paul is off to Oslo, Great. Fun. Live., no Izzatwat this week, Ask Satan, Tony's International Gig Guide part 2 and don't forget you can buy cool stuff from our Cafepress site!

Song 1: Cable 35 – Coconut Supply
Song 2: Oh! Gunquit – Lights Out
Song 3: White Ape – Kick It Down
Song 4: Frau Blucher & The Drunken Horses – Red Doll
Song 5: Origami Horses – More Songs About Punks & UFOs
Song 6: Marijuanal - Blotter
Song 7: The Cardboard Crowns – Global Citizen
Song 8: Rebel Flesh – Killed Away

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