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The Between The Wars Special!

30 December 2014

Well Christmas is past, and yet it's still 2014... so that must mean it's the Punky Between The Wars special featuring great songs from JoanOfArc, White Ape, Officer Down, Brutally Frank, Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, The Mobbs, Heavyball and Frau Blucher & The Drunken Horses.

Satan gets in touch, a message from a band and we forget their name..., ... and Paul remembers The Cardboard Crowns!, Tony has your Facebook comments, Tony becomes Local DJ man, Tony talks about his trip to Germany, Raclette, Antwerp Ring Road, Paul recounts an incident in his flat, Tony's International Gig Guide, we talk about our New Year plans, Cello, Tony good with computers - rubbish at back announcing, the closing section of the Izzatwatilogy, New Year Resolutions, Paul's new chair and a big thanks for listening in 2014 - see you in 2015!

Song 1: JOANofARC – Live Rock And Roll
Song 2: White Ape – A Run For Gringo
Song 3: Officer Down – Light The Torches
Song 4: Brutally Frank – Puff Of Smoke
Song 5: Cherry Poppin’ Daddies – I Love American Music
Song 6: The Mobbs – Just As Bad As You
Song 7: Heavyball – Black Eye Friday
Song 8: Frau Blucher & The Drunken Horses – P-I-T-A

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