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The Ocelot Records Special!

13 January 2015

This weeks show is an Ocelot Records special featuring tracks from Rawkstars Inc Vol 1. The bands this week are A Minor Revolution, Cult 45, Jackknife Stiletto, Psychic Dog, Supersona, The Digs, The Drunk Nuns and Zip-Tie Handcuffs.

Ocelot Records, Paul's in Malta, Tony doesn't have your Facebook comments, Tony has your UK iTunes reviews, what happened last week?, Tony's International Gig Guide, The 100 Club, sniffing paint issues, Malta, Wolfman Paul, we talks movies, American Graffiti, Snowpiercer, no Izzatwat this week and if you've ever wondered how you could possibly listen to us online then Tony has some suggestions for you!

Song 1: A Minor Revolution – F-Bombs!
Song 2: Cult 45 – Back To The Grave
Song 3: Jackknife Stiletto – No Obligation
Song 4: Psychic Dog - E
Song 5: Supersona – Sorry, Not Sorry
Song 6: The Digs – Gunslinger
Song 7: The Drunk Nuns – The Boys
Song 8: Zip-Tie Handcuffs – Psychotic Dance

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