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The 50 Shades Of Scream Special!

31 March 2015

As the season of chocolate appears over the horizon, we take a little break from thoughts of sweeties (and bunnies, dead deities etc) and bring you great songs from Yorkshire Rats, Centurion Sect, Death Party UK, Origami Horses, The Duel, Ion-Morph & Johann Kloos, Imperial Leisure, Echopeople and The Drunk Nuns.

Comedy Suburbs, we discuss dinner, Tony has your Facebook comments, Mothra Slapping Orchestra get in touch, Reunion Island, Tony went to Milton Keynes, Paul went to Oslo, The Scream, From The Vaults: The Duel, Tony's International Gig Guide, Alt Ska, we talk about the week ahead, Paul has quite a busy weekend ahead!, Reno, our twitter account is @punkyradio, Izzatwat, Tony's International Gig Guide part 2, word of the week and a reminder of the stations which carry us!

Song 1: Yorkshire Rats – No Freedom
Song 2: Centurion Sect - ASBO
Song 3: Death Party UK – Mark Of The Vampire
Song 4: Origami Horses – Charity Shop
Song 5: The Duel – Camden Town
Song 6: Ion-Morph & Johann Kloos – My Dark Passenger
Song 7: Imperial Leisure – Isle Of Slice
Song 8: Echopeople – No Fear Of Perdition
Song 9: The Drunk Nuns - Juvenile

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