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The One Sleep Till Show 500 Special!

7 April 2015

As we furiously prepare for Show 500, we manage to whet your appetites with some great songs from Scene Of Irony, The Sirocco Brothers, Flies On You, Fishwife's Broadside, The Vibrators, Dub Addiction Meets Kampuchea Rockers Uptown, Luna Sopor, The Amazing Royal Crowns and Possuidos.

Bard, Simon Nott, Dusk till Dawn, Tony has your Facebook comments, don't die on Facebook, great stick, Tony's UK tour continues, Paul talks about his gigs from last week, Happy Tax Year, Tony's International Gig Guide, where are you Beast?, Cambodia, we talk about the week ahead, no Izzatwat this week, any Twat will do..., Tony's International Gig Guide part 2 and don't forget to check us out on HearMeOut!

Song 1: Scene Of Irony – Teabaggin’ 3
Song 2: The Sirocco Brothers – I Put A Hex on You
Song 3: Flies On You – All Out Of Proportion
Song 4: Fishwife's Broadside – Good For Glue
Song 5: The Vibrators – Everything I Do Is Wrong
Song 6: Dub Addiction Meets Kampuchea Rockers Uptown - Okoro
Song 7: Luna Sopor - Future
Song 8: The Amazing Royal Crowns – King Of The Joint
Song 9: Possuidos - 87

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