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The Mostly British Special!

5 May 2015

This week's show is both heavy on the British and heavy on the Nes Cory! The music is brilliant too, with great tracks from The Swindells, Oh! Gunquit, Caught In A Crossfire, Ion Morph & Modal Roberts, Hyperjax, Fishwife’s Broadside, Min Diesel, Dub Addiction and Scene Of Irony.

Poetry Corner, John Cooper Clarke, dovetail joints!, Tony has your Facebook comments, what's your favourite Punk band name?, we talk about the past week, Paul brought a bed, Steve's pub is now open!, Punky 10th Birthday, Paul gets a bit fruity, Tony's International Gig Guide, we talk about the week ahead, Tony wants to go see the new Avengers film, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs, a surprising lack of Izzatwat, Paul B the 2nd get's in touch, Katie Boyle and don't forget to give HearMeOut a try!

Song 1: The Swindells – Wasted Generation
Song 2: Oh! Gunquit - Caves
Song 3: Caught In A Crossfire – Batshit Crazy
Song 4: Ion Morph & Modal Roberts – Until The Cows Come Home
Song 5: Hyperjax – Talkin’ New York City
Song 6: Fishwife’s Broadside – Billy Stupid’s Circus
Song 7: Min Diesel – Kirk Session
Song 8: Dub Addiction – Zunguzeng Inni Di Penh
Song 9: Scene Of Irony – Skinny Jeans

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