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The Eurovision No, Cricket Yes Special!

26 May 2015

We might not be able to win Eurovision, but we sure do win the prize for bringing you 9 great songs each week. This week is no different, as we bring you great tracks from Brunel, Napolleon, Scene Of Irony, Centurion Sect, The Meatmen, Oh! Gunquit, The Senton Bombs, Atomic Suplex and Fizzy Blood.

Brunel, Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, last minute song change, we talk about Eurovision, block voting, England is playing cricket, From the vaults - The Meatmen, Morrissey, Tony's International Gig Guide, The 12 Bar, God's address, Sound Food and Drink, Oh! Gunquit, no Izzatwat this week, Tony's Movie Review - Hey!, Avengers: Age of Ultron, please do visit our Cafepress site, quaint it ain't and Tony reminds you of the stations which carry us!

Song 1: Brunel – 1 Girl 12 Cups
Song 2: Napolleon – Infinite Loop
Song 3: Scene Of Irony – Plan Of Action
Song 4: Centurion Sect - Jamie Oliver
Song 5: The Meatmen – Morrissey Must Die
Song 6: Oh! Gunquit – Pony Boy
Song 7: The Senton Bombs – Black Chariot
Song 8: Atomic Suplex – Wild Love
Song 9: Fizzy Blood – Queen Of Hearts

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