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The Cheerio Sepp Special!

2 June 2015

As we say goodbye to Sepp Blatter, we manage to bring you another great Punky featuring songs from 2 different compilations which you can download for free! Get ready for 9 songs from Not On Tour, Mercy Music, Lisaapeur, Eliza Battle, The Dark Shadows, Primate Joke, Battle Born, Mingawash and Sounds Of Threat.

Paul's been googling, Boripunk Asso, SquidHat Records, Tony's got your Facebook comments, we will never get tired..., Eliza Battle, Paul's been to Oslo, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, French punk, Jean Bleu, we talk about the week ahead, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs, "Izzatwat", mobile cinema and a reminder of the compilations which we featured this week.

Song 1: Not On Tour – Waiting In Line
Song 2: Mercy Music – Painless
Song 3: Lisaapeur – Pas Comme Eux
Song 4: Eliza Battle - Cheers To That
Song 5: The Dark Shadows – Dave Likes Dolls
Song 6: Primate Joke – La Cabane Du Branleur
Song 7: Battle Born – The Killers
Song 8: Mingawash - Chocojeanne
Song 9: Sounds Of Threat – I Don’t Give A Fuck

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