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The Together At Last Special!

9 June 2015

After a brief 4 year hiatus, we finally reunite to bring you another fine example of Punky Radio, featuring 9 great tracks from Zombie Garden Club, Going Away Party, King Automatic, Pulo Revé, Dead Mustangs, K’annibal Woman, Little Albert Feat. Kwokin, Graveyard Johnnys and Fenix Dharma.

How long?, Tony's house, emo??, Tony has your Facebook comments, Antwerp ring road,Paul's had help picking some of the music this week, Max Troy!, what did we get up to last week?, Paul had his gigs last week, Hispanic Stomp, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, what are we up to this week?, Tony is booking his holiday, Leon, Paul is going camping, sleeping in your car, Paul touches Tony in a bad place, "Izzatwat" get technical, can we get a Randy update?, Tony looks a bit like Hunter S Thompson and Tony reminds you of the stations which carry us!

Song 1: Zombie Garden Club – Hey Little Schoolgirl
Song 2: Going Away Party – Quiet Weekend
Song 3: King Automatic – Plan B (Adopt A Lapdancer)
Song 4: Pulo Revé – And There Lies His
Song 5: Dead Mustangs – Teenage Again
Song 6: K’annibal Woman – Ghost People
Song 7: Little Albert Feat. Kwokin – Low Profile
Song 8: Graveyard Johnnys – Dead Transmission
Song 9: Fenix Dharma – HC For Life

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