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The We're Loud Special!

15 September 2015

This week's show is a Slovenly records special featuring tracks from their We're Loud: 90s Cassette Punk Unknowns LP! So get ready for 9 great tracks from Mega & The Nyrdz, Pink Fingers, Riky & The Buttz, Drop Outs, Counting Coins, Barf Bags, Crawlers, Fucking Pigs and Heck Yeahs.

We're Loud: 90s Cassette Punk Unknowns, Timo gets in touch, Jeremy Corbyn, Tony has your Facebook comments, The Kramers, we talk about the concept behind the compilation, Tony went to Southend, Thaxted, Saffron Walden, Paul talks about his gig in Hendon, Tony's International Gig Guide, what would a Mansfield 2000-2008 special sound like?, Tony Towers is being purchased..., Paul's off to do a gig in Bracknell, no Izzatwat this week, Tony talks about iTunes reviews, Glen emails in a question about iTunes and do visit our website at!

Song 1: Mega & The Nyrdz – I Lurk
Song 2: Pink Fingers – Man In Pain
Song 3: Riky & The Buttz – We’re Riky & The Buttz
Song 4: Drop Outs – Don’t Know
Song 5: Counting Coins – Don’t Look Down
Song 6: Barf Bags – Beat It Up
Song 7: Crawlers – I’m Gonna End It Tonight
Song 8: Fucking Pigs – Herpes Attack
Song 9: Heck Yeahs – I Always Hated You

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