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The 2:30 Special!

13 October 2015

It's been quite an eventful week, and Paul has had a bit of a dental nightmare. Even though he has quite a few less teeth than on previous shows - we still manage to bring you another great nine songs from Fujiwara, The Manic Shine, The Chords UK, The Offenders, Argy Bargy, Random Hand, The Heiz, Bouquet Of Dead Crows and Smokey Bastard.

Paul has smashed his front teeth out, Tony has your Facebook comments, iTunes, Snow Patrol, Spotify, Tony went to Birmingham again last week, UK Construction week, Paul is back to watching England play football, From the vaults!, Argy Bargy, Tony's International Gig Guide, we talk about the week ahead, Paul will be trying to avoid talking, Tony had a flat tyre, Izzatwat update!, Paul's song of the year so far and please don't forget to leave us an iTunes review!

Song 1: Fujiwara – F’ed Up Situation
Song 2: The Manic Shine - Orbit
Song 3: The Chords UK – I Can’t Let Go
Song 4: The Offenders – Harsh Reality
Song 5: Argy Bargy – I’ll Be There For You
Song 6: Random Hand – Death By Pitchforks
Song 7: The Heiz – SOS Rock’n’Roll
Song 8: Bouquet Of Dead Crows – The Fundamental Flaw Of Solitude
Song 9: Smokey Bastard – Baba Yaga

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