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The Same Town, Same Place Special!

10 November 2015

It's all different this week, but somehow all very familiar at the same time. Welcome to what would be normally a rare event - a punky recorded with us both in the same room! So get ready for some weirdness and thankfully more great music from Chelsea, Dick Venom And The Terrortones, Ghost Of The Avalanche, Dirty Fences, Tokyo Rockers Club Band, Random Hand, Magister Ludi, Space and The Damnit Jims.

Chelsea, Paul has moved back to Sherwood Forest, job interview, learning..., teeth issues, Trent is not a university, Tony has your Facebook comments, best name ever, Tony's Movie Review, Bond films, Paul talks about his week, Japan, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide (not the 12 bar!), Random Hand, Tony's getting a new driveway fitted, cherry headed bum snogger, Paul's working in a warehouse!, we're playing Space!, Izzatwat, The Scurge get in touch and we have some bad news about Simon from The Bleach Boys.

Song 1: Chelsea – Something Wrong In Your Head
Song 2: Dick Venom And The Terrortones – Go Fuck On The Sidewalk
Song 3: Ghost Of The Avalanche – City Heat
Song 4: Dirty Fences – Give Me A Kiss
Song 5: Tokyo Rockers Club Band – Saturday Jet Killers
Song 6: Random Hand – Pack It Up
Song 7: Magister Ludi – We’re Loud
Song 8: Space – Strange World
Song 9: The Damnit Jims – Never Die

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