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The Between The Wars Special!

30 December 2015

It's our yearly between the wars special this week where we feature our favourite tracks from the latter half of 2015. So get ready for some great music from The Dirty Panties, Mega & The Nyrdz, Smokey Bastard, Random Hand, Escarlatina Obsessiva, Chuggaboom, The Offenders, Headstone Horrors and Limozine.

Between the wars, we're loud, Tony has your Facebook comments, Paul losing his voice, Cat Milker?, Steph's birthday, Christmas, not From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, does the Beast bother to sound proof?, New Year plans, karaoke, Rock n Blues band, Paul's off to see Star Wars, 2016, no Izzatwat, Tony's Movie Review, beware Star Wars SPOILERS and despite laptop issues - we have managed to bring you a show! Happy New Year!

Song 1: The Dirty Panties - Cheers
Song 2: Mega & The Nyrdz – I Lurk
Song 3: Smokey Bastard – Baba Yaga
Song 4: Random Hand – After The Alarm
Song 5: Escarlatina Obsessiva – Primal Beast
Song 6: Chuggaboom – Smoke Rings Of Saturn
Song 7: The Offenders – Martens Style
Song 8: Headstone Horrors – Silent Moonlight
Song 9: Limozine – Fuck It Let’s Rock

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