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The Not Talking About Europe Special!

23 February 2016

As we prepare for months of Brexit Brollocks we bring you another superb edition of Pradio. So get ready for some great songs from Leapfrogtown, Dirt Royal, Faintest Idea, Slap Betty, Bleach Boys, Tour De France, Colt 45, Scraper and The Modern Era.

Music Clout, Leapfrogtown, Comedy Suburbs (and the lack thereof), Tony has your Facebook comments, Rufus, JenGlenGlenJen, Slap Betty, what did we do last week?, The Bleach Boys are playing in Nottingham this week and will Tony go?, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, Green Door Store, BamaLamaSingSong, women, we talk about the week ahead, Llanelli, floods - are they sorted?, is 4pm too early to record Punky, Lackatwat and a reminder of the stations which carry us!

Song 1: Leapfrogtown – Seven
Song 2: Dirt Royal – Dr Weekend (Mr Week)
Song 3: Faintest Idea - Echo Chamber
Song 4: Slap Betty – 27
Song 5: Bleach Boys – Weirdo
Song 6: Tour De France – La Saint Valentin
Song 7: Colt 45 – All Hell Broke Loose
Song 8: Scraper - Rodent
Song 9: The Modern Era – Are You Sure?

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