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The North And South Special!

1 March 2016

It's a lot of North and a bit of South this week as we manage to both ignore Europe and bring you 9 great songs from The Muddies, Choke Chains, Black Friday Death Count, Totally Gnarly, The Monsieurs, Horse Party, Little Treasure All Stars, Fifty Foot Combo and Radio Vudu.

Finland, FIFA, Tony doesn't have your Facebook comments, Poetry Corner, Pennsylvania, Fresh Prince, what did we do last week?, DIY Mother, Wales, Doctor and the Pastis, the Brecon song, Monsieur, Tony's International Gig Guide, Manchester Punk Festival, Paul has his Hitchin and Oslo gigs this week, Ghent, no twat..., no Europe..., Tony's Movie Review, Maze Runner, Battle Royale and we're off to see the Bleach Boys!

Song 1: The Muddies – Wacko Wacko
Song 2: Choke Chains – She Collects Calendars
Song 3: Black Friday Death Count – Beach Head
Song 4: Totally Gnarly – Poop In My Pants
Song 5: The Monsieurs – Rock The Night
Song 6: Horse Party – Pay Dirt
Song 7: Little Treasure All Stars – Jeremy Kyle
Song 8: Fifty Foot Combo – Wild Man
Song 9: Radio Vudu – Gratta E Vinci

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