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The Action Time Vision Special!

9 November 2016

This weeks show is an Action Time Vision special which is "A Story of UK Independent Punk 1976-1979" and we feature songs from Stiff Little Fingers, Woody And The Splinters, The Rezillos, Adam And The Ants, Broken Factory Windows, Tubeway Army, Pure Hell, Leyton Buzzards and Nipple Erectors.

We talk about the Action Time Vision compilation, word of the week, Tony has your Facebook comments, Fat boy has us conbaffled, Tony may have bass problems, rake or not a rake?, Paul talks about his gigs, Oslo, not From the Vaults, Tony doesn't have any gigs this week, Tubeway Army, we talk about the week ahead, Pub Quiz, Paul has his Nottingham comedy night on Thursday, England v Scotland, Pure Hell, no twat yet again, I Don't Know What They're Singing, Maxell adverts, American election, no Izzatwat this week and we may feature more of these songs over the next couple of months!

Song 1: Stiff Little Fingers – Suspect Device
Song 2: Woody And The Splinters – I Must Be Mad
Song 3: The Rezillos – I Can’t Stand My Baby
Song 4: Adam And The Ants - Zerox
Song 5: Broken Factory Windows – Polar
Song 6: Tubeway Army – That’s Too Bad
Song 7: Pure Hell – These Boots Are Made For Walking
Song 8: Leyton Buzzards – 19 And Mad
Song 9: Nipple Erectors – King of The Bop

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