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The No, Eurostar Special!

22 February 2017

It's the first Punky ever when both hosts are in their 40s. So, as we wish Tony a happy birthday, we also manage to bring you nine great songs from Moral Panic, Spawn, Red Money, Biznaga, The Tights, Stain, King Salami And The Cumberland 3, Playboy Manbaby and Brad Pot.

Bring your own crumpets, no comedy suburbs this week, foreign is just joined up English, Die Zorros, Tony has your Facebook comments, Timo gets about, new Bavarian pub is opening in Nottingham, Tony has been recording demos, Tony talks about his birthday, Bath, Paul went to Antwerp, Tony's International Gig Guide, Saint Paul, Phoenix AZ, Paul is either relaxed or broken, Izzatwat, nothing says I love you more than a big rock and if you are a large internet radio station and want to carry a great podcast then please do get in touch.

Song 1: Moral Panic – Neck Tattoo
Song 2: Spawn - Lunatics
Song 3: Red Money – Drunk Love
Song 4: Biznaga – Una Nueva Epoca Del Terror
Song 5: The Tights – Bad Hearts
Song 6: Stain – Los Sin Nombre
Song 7: King Salami And The Cumberland 3 – Camel Hop
Song 8: Playboy Manbaby – I’d Like To Meet Your Parents
Song 9: Brad Pot – Black Eye

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