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The Moderator Special

24 April 2017

Election? Pfft here's nine great songs from Wonk Unit, Las Munjitas Del Fuzz, Peaness, Cavemouth, The Rippers, The Neville Staple Band, Hello Casanova, The Darts and Dirty Fences.

Wonk Unit album and videos, The Grinch gets in touch, oldest and youngest listener, Tony's best review ever, Peaness NOT Penis, Tony has your Facebook comments, fake picture?, Tony went to the races, Southwell vs Southwell, Paul went to Oslo, Darren and the ladies, The Dukes Arms, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, the Doghouse, The Neville Staple Band, Tony has the gardeners in this week, the tiling is finished, middle class Tony, shedtastic, Phoenix, zero twat, the election..., please do review us at iTunes and a quick thank you to the stations which carry us.

Song 1: Wonk Unit – Hot Day You Know It
Song 2: Las Munjitas Del Fuzz – Es El 69
Song 3: Peaness – Oh George
Song 4: Cavemouth - Phone
Song 5: The Rippers – into My Trap
Song 6: The Neville Staple Band – Return Of Judge Roughneck
Song 7: Hello Casanova – I Don’t Want To Talk
Song 8: The Darts – She’s Gone
Song 9: Dirty Fences – East Gun Hill

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