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The Fred Special!

1 May 2017

Where would we be without Fred? Thankfully we'll never need to answer that question and we can just concentrate on bringing you nine fab tunes from Roctum, Yorkshire Rats, The Negative Nancys, Bob Wayne, The Pack, Nelson Can, Tex Pistols, Grand Collapse and King Salami And The Cumberland 3.

Roctum, Paul's in out of his comfort zone, Comedy Suburbs, Poetry Corner, dramatic pauses, Tony has your Facebook comments, Weetabix, Twilight and Thebes, Tony's tiling,gardening, Eddie The Eagle, Hucknall, rose wine, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, the week ahead, Alcohol practice, Paul's Hitchin gig is Friday, where did all the Emo's go?, Izzatwat, we remember the 555 special and thanks to the stations which carry us.

Song 1: Roctum – Mission Abort
Song 2: Yorkshire Rats – Alone Together
Song 3: The Negative Nancys - Boredom
Song 4: Bob Wayne – Kiss My Ass God Bless The USA
Song 5: The Pack – King of Kings
Song 6: Nelson Can – Move Forward
Song 7: Tex Pistols – Chip Shop
Song 8: Grand Collapse – Though Bloodshot And Blurry
Song 9: King Salami And The Cumberland 3 - Shiver

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