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The Manchester and Bury Special!

4 July 2017

Cherry Red Records have another great compilation that we are going to feature over the next few weeks. This week we mostly concentrate on Manchester and Bury St Edmunds as we feature nine great songs from The Cuts, The Drones, 48 Chairs, Vince Ripper And The Rodent Show, The Swampys, Mannequin Death Squad, Jilted John, Salford Jets and SIAH.

Bury St Edmunds, Manchester North of England, Tony has your Facebook comments, Nick Sanders, Rattanson, Vince Ripper And The Rodent Show, last week, The Parkinsons, crazy golf, The Dukes Arms and The Lilacs, Tring, unknown Punky listener, Tony's International Gig Guide, HopFest, Van Gough or Van Gough?, Alcohol practice, Tony's off to Luton, Jilted John, no Izzatwat, iTunes reviews, SIAH? and a reminder of the stations which carry us.

Song 1: The Cuts - Hometown
Song 2: The Drones - Just Want To Be Myself
Song 3: 48 Chairs – Snap It Around
Song 4: Vince Ripper And The Rodent Show – Scary Monsters
Song 5: The Swampys - Ca
Song 6: Mannequin Death Squad – Van Gogh
Song 7: Jilted John – Going Steady
Song 8: Salford Jets – Manchester Boys
Song 9: SIAH – Susy Smokes

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