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The 12th Birthday Special!

25 July 2017

As we reach the grand old age of 12 and put off turning into a teenager for one more year, we celebrate by bringing you another great set of tracks from The Rippers, Addictive Philosophy, Thirst, Big Flame, The Hip Priests, Easterhouse, The Weeds, Red Ray And The Reprobates and Scanner.

The Rippers, I Don't Know What They're Singing, 12 years..., should we get married?, Tony has your Facebook comments, Ann K, great news about Mansfield 103.2, Manchester North of England CD 4, Tony talks about going back into the studio with Alcohol, Paul went to the local with Nik, Paul talks about his night out in Derby, From the Vaults, The Hip Priests, Paulyb Picks A Gig In The World, Yeah, Tony's International Gig Guide, Flesh Gordon, brand new bed - Spy Tones, Spiderman and his dad, new Nottingham Forest line up, where is Nes from?, Izzatwat, Radiohead, The Dukes Arms and The Lilacs and we mention the other stations which feature us!

Song 1: The Rippers - Pain
Song 2: Addictive Philosophy – (Not A) Novelty
Song 3: Thirst – Let Go
Song 4: Big Flame – Why Popstars Can’t Dance
Song 5: The Hip Priests – Cream Ma Jeans
Song 6: Easterhouse – Whistling In The Dark
Song 7: The Weeds – China Doll
Song 8: Red Ray And The Reprobates – Giant Song
Song 9: Scanner – Hippie Authority Song

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