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The Finspång Special!

12 September 2017

Paul finally gets a chance to have a breather and Tony is getting increasingly techy... but thankfully we still manage to bring you nine great songs from Dirty Fences, Saturdays Heroes, The Darts, Black Volvo, The Penetrators, Rum Thief, The Franklys, Magic Mountain and Danny Cleaver.

Sussex Saint gets in touch, Brexit, Finspång, Tony has your Facebook comments, Nes has a twat disagreement, Crippled Batman, last week, RAF, Hitchin, Oslo, babies on flights, the Dukes Arms, the Lilacs, top 50 best Punky songs ever, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, MMP, Chris Froome, the week ahead, Tony talks app development, Punky Radio app?, Paul's laptop freaks him out, Magic Mountain, Izzatwat and Tony reminds you of the stations which carry us.

Song 1: Dirty Fences – Message From Anyone
Song 2: Saturdays Heroes - Rebel
Song 3: The Darts – Strange Days
Song 4: Black Volvo – Hangin’ Johnny
Song 5: The Penetrators - #1 Band In Town
Song 6: Rum Thief – Spittin’ Daggers
Song 7: The Franklys - Weasel
Song 8: Magic Mountain - Zodiac
Song 9: Danny Cleaver – Parasite (Gotta Get Away)

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