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The It Came From Beyond Space Special!

19 September 2017

It may be September but our thoughts are already drifting towards the highlight of the Punky calendar - Halloween. Never fear, this weeks show is still packed with the usual greatness so get ready for nine tracks from Pussywhips, Svartanatt, Control Freaks, Death Party UK, Space Cadets, Addictive Philosophy, Moral Panic, Matilda’s Scoundrels and Born To Destruct.

It Came From Beyond Space, additional material, Naples?, Tony has your Facebook comments, Action, Time, Vision, the Halloween special, last week, Tony has a mouth infection, Paul visited a few pubs in Nottingham, The (new) Angel, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, upcoming comedy gig at The Dukes Arms, tribute to The Jam, Tales from the Darkside, the week ahead, Tony has a joiner coming in, Paul is off to Edinburgh, Izzatwat and we remind you of the stations which carry us.

Song 1: Pussywhips – Lame Society
Song 2: Svartanatt – Hit Him Down
Song 3: Control Freaks – Crime Wave
Song 4: Death Party UK – Witching Spell
Song 5: Space Cadets – in Space
Song 6: Addictive Philosophy – Little Boy Soldiers
Song 7: Moral Panic – Awkward Sexual Adventure
Song 8: Matilda’s Scoundrels – God Forsaken Sea
Song 9: Born To Destruct – We Love it

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