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The Cooking With Lemsips Special!

12 December 2017

As the snow chaos enters it's second day, we tunnel through the snow, wrap a blanket around the internet, pour a little extra whiskey into our tea and prepare to bring you nine great songs from Random Hand, Crumbs, Stage Door Guy, Lightyear, Fire Exit, In Evil Hour, Gutara Kyo, Death Party UK and Uniforms.

Manchester Punk Festival, Random Hand, Gary Spate, Hellfire Film Festival, Tony has your Facebook comments, The BC Experiment, Simon Nott, last week, Tony has booked his Christmas holiday, RIP Keith Chegwin, Paul talks about his gigs this weekend, Oslo, SNOW CHAOS, Buddhist monks, LHR -> STN From the Vaults, Fire Exit, Coventry, Tony's International Gig Guide, UK Subs, Aldi, Lemsips, the week ahead, Star Wars The Last Jedi, Punk for the homeless, Sumac, keep Christmas cheap, Centurion Sect, Izzatwat and don't forget to bring a bit of Christmas to those around you!

Song 1: Random Hand – If I Save Your Back
Song 2: Crumbs – Weasels Can Wait
Song 3: Stage Door Guy – Mr Mojo
Song 4: Lightyear – Nuff Cuts
Song 5: Fire Exit – Wheelchair Outta Control
Song 6: In Evil Hour - Revolution
Song 7: Gutara Kyo - Daydream
Song 8: Death Party UK – My Own Way
Song 9: Uniforms – Keep On Keeping On

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