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The Between The Wars Special!

26 December 2017

Christmas has come and gone, so here we are with our usual between the wars special, but we are saving our best of until next week. Instead get ready for some songs from Goldblade (ft Poly Styrene), Limozine, Honeymoon Disease, Nelson Can, Fujiwara, The Spook School, Mind Of Doll, Kudzu and Centurion Sect.

Pre-recording!, Goldblade, LimoDean, someone doesn't like our Facebook song, Tony has your Facebook comments, Hellfire Film Festival, JenGlen, Paul gets confused, last week, Tony talks about Star Wars The Last Jedi, Paul met up with his mate Simon, B Movie, post Pelham regret, From the Vaults, the 3rd most famous person from Kirkby in Ashfield, Tony's International Gig Guide, Punky Gig of the Week, Pizza Tramp, the week ahead, Tony is in a cabin somewhere near York, Goole, Paul talks about his Christmas plans, warehouse, Springfield, Jim Cannamela, Hooters, Izzatwat, Centurion Sect and the next show should be around the 4th Jan - Merry Christmas!

Song 1: Goldblade (ft Poly Styrene) – City Of Christmas Ghosts
Song 2: Limozine – Big Shit Cigarette
Song 3: Honeymoon Disease – Fly Bird, Fly High
Song 4: Nelson Can – On Christmas Night
Song 5: Fujiwara - Halo
Song 6: The Spook School – Someone To Spend Christmas With
Song 7: Mind Of Doll – Nothing Man
Song 8: Kudzu – Burn Yourself
Song 9: Centurion Sect - Jehovah

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