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The Discord vs Skype Special!

5 March 2019

Well Skype finally pushed us too far. DON'T PUSH US SKYPE. All these technological problems will not stop the Punky though - so get ready for nine great songs from The Heiz, Thee Eviltones, The Zeros, Franks & Deans, Sweatmaster, Time Dilation Unit, Jo Carley And The Old Dry Skulls, Nightwatchers and Rites Of Hadda.

Comedy Suburbs, Paul went to a last minute gig, The Zeros, Tony has your Facebook comments, Jen Shillingburg, Pocko, last week, band practice, pooing at gigs, £1 comedy club, From the Vaults, RIP Keith Flint, RIP that dude from Beverley Hills 90210, Tony's International Gig Guide, next week, Nutty Nottingham tour, Skype issues, no Izzatwat this week, Podchaser, so many catchphrases and a reminder of the ways you can listen to us.

Song 1: The Heiz – Good Good News
Song 2: Thee Eviltones - Eyes
Song 3: The Zeros - Hungry
Song 4: Franks & Deans - Sway
Song 5: Sweatmaster – Song With No Words
Song 6: Time Dilation Unit – Pain In My Side
Song 7: Jo Carley And The Old Dry Skulls – Shake Them Rattlin Bones
Song 8: Nightwatchers – Fellahs Temptation
Song 9: Rites Of Hadda – From The Blow

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