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The Numayric Special!

21 May 2019

We go from 100 to 50/50 this week, but never fret - this weeks show is definitely more than half full. So get ready for nine great songs from Tinseltown Rebellion, Gogo Loco, Generation X, 999, Limozine, Menace, Sham 69, King Kurt and The Jackets.

Tinseltown Rebellion, no Comedy Suburbs, a poetry threat, The Duke's Arms, Tony has your Facebook comments, Jen's facebook song, Mr 50/50, internal America flights, Merch girls, Crash Induction, more tracks from the latest Cherry Red Compilation, last week, Eurovision, Oslo, wooden bench, From the Vaults, Limozine, Tony's International Gig Guide, Paulyb picks a gig in the world, yeah, the week ahead, Apocalypse Babys, European elections, RAF, Nutty Nottingham Tour, King Kurt, no Izzatwat, Sir Erms Alot, Tenpole Tudor and a reminder of the different ways you can listen!

Song 1: Tinseltown Rebellion – Keep You Down
Song 2: Gogo Loco – Whizz Pop!
Song 3: Generation X – Day By Day
Song 4: 999 – Nasty Nasty
Song 5: Limozine - Berlin
Song 6: Menace – Insane Society
Song 7: Sham 69 – Red London
Song 8: King Kurt – First Cock’s Crow
Song 9: The Jackets – What About You

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