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The Evil But Easy Special!

11 June 2019

Here's another show and a big welcome to all of our new listeners. It feels great to triple our listenership! So as a reward, here's nine great songs from Kill The Rooster, L.O.A.D., Dark Bottle, E.T. Explore Me, Standards, 5 Hills Out, Ogikubo Station, Danny Cleaver and Limozine.

Comedy Suburbs, listeners, LOAD, Tony has your Facebook comments, Iron Mike, Jeff Uglyshoes, last week, Apocalypse Babys, Tony went to the Dentist, Nutty Nottingham Tours, From the Vaults, Standards, Tony's International Gig Guide, this week, dentist, Rocketman, the weather, new waistcoat, Guana Batz, no Izzatwat, LimoDean's Dad, Limozine competition winners and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Kill The Rooster – Bombs
Song 2: L.O.A.D. – Peaky Blinders
Song 3: Dark Bottle – Little Sadie
Song 4: E.T. Explore Me – Let Me In
Song 5: Standards – Lookin’ Out
Song 6: 5 Hills Out – The Divide
Song 7: Ogikubo Station – Spend Some Time With Me
Song 8: Danny Cleaver – Hunt Yourself
Song 9: Limozine – Big Shit Cigarette

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