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The Like A Pro Jock Special!

16 July 2019

After a cracking Cricket World Cup we need a lie down, but before we give in and sleep, let's spin nine great songs from Viki Vortex And The Cumshots, Death Party UK, The Ruts, The Tea Set, Bob McFadden, Pneumania, Disco Zombies, Rattanson and The Candy Snatchers.

Happy Birthday Viki Vortex, additional material..., no Facebook comments this week!, Tony grabs some new iTunes reviews, Yorkshire Tea with biscuit flavouring, iTunes song, Cherry Red, last week, dentist pain, Tony and The Apocalypse Babys, the German Nutty Nottingham Tour, fire in a German supermarket, Cricket World Cup final, Classic Punk NO Thundercats YES, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, PGOTW, Crash Induction, Paul points out a gig in the future, this week, car stereo issues, no Izzatwat this week, Trump..., where are all the gigs and don't forget next week is our 14th birthday show!

Song 1: Viki Vortex And The Cumshots – Burn Today
Song 2: Death Party UK – I Sold My Soul To Rock’n’Roll
Song 3: The Ruts – H Eyes
Song 4: The Tea Set – Sing Song
Song 5: Bob McFadden – The Beat Generation
Song 6: Pneumania - Exhibition
Song 7: Disco Zombies – Top Of The Pops
Song 8: Rattanson – Small Venue Concerts
Song 9: The Candy Snatchers – Real Thick Head

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