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The White Combi Special!

10 September 2019

If you were a boiler, what kind of boiler would YOU be? Whilst you stick that one under the old thinking cap, let's bring you nine great songs from Cockwomble, The Jackets, Xenu And The Thetans, The Tuesday Club, Wonk Unit, Adventures Of Salvador, Pete Bentham And The Dinnerladies, Kill The Rooster and Candysnatchers.

Cockwomble, Judge Mental, Tony has your Facebook comments, hold on to your ankles, The Beatles, Berlin, Ann K, last week, Apocalypse Babys, Nutty Nottingham Tour, letter from the Police, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, Rotherham, this week, end of summer stuff, boilers, The Pope, Izzatwat, King Cnut and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Cockwomble – All Of The Money! None Of the Style!
Song 2: The Jackets – Loser’s Lullaby
Song 3: Xenu And The Thetans – El Rock De La Extincion
Song 4: The Tuesday Club – Let The Kids Run The Country
Song 5: Wonk Unit – Murderer’s Shoe
Song 6: Adventures Of Salvador – Now Look What You Made Me Do
Song 7: Pete Bentham And The Dinnerladies – Goth Postman
Song 8: Kill The Rooster – Time To Change
Song 9: Candysnatchers – Burn It To The Ground

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