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The Paul Turns 50 Special!

4 February 2020

Paul's back from Spain and alive! On top of that, Paulmas comes around again and this year it's a special one. So to help celebrate Paul turning 50 we Punky along to nine great songs from Confront Stage, The Get, Guana Batz, Meteors, Primitives, The Derellas, Ken Fox And Knock Yourself Out, Chaos Bleak and Lucifer Star Machine.

From Russia with confusion, Comedy Suburbs, interview with Ginge, Tony has your Facebook comments, red liquorice, The Primitives box set, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, last week, Tony went nowhere, Paul went to loads, Die Zorros, this week, 3 day working week, TGI Paulmas, warehouse, Darth Vader stops by, Izzatwat, Lucifer Star Machine and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Confront Stage – Brainwash For War
Song 2: The Get – In The Doghouse
Song 3: Guana Batz – The Cave
Song 4: Meteors – Johnny Remember Me
Song 5: Primitives – Buzz Buzz Buzz
Song 6: The Derellas – Soho Hotel
Song 7: Ken Fox And Knock Yourself Out – One Foot In Front Of The Other
Song 8: Chaos Bleak – Watch The Night Sky
Song 9: Lucifer Star Machine – The Void

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