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The Strap On Special!

10 March 2020

As the Corona virus starts to rear its head we prepare for the inevitable Zombie apocalypse by strapping on our 8 track and setting our sights on nine songs from Incisions, The Phlegm, Stepford Wives, The Cravats, The Revillos, Follow Your Dreams, Torment, The Stingrays and Pizzatramp.

Comedy Suburbs, Jeff Uglyshoes, strap on..., The Phlegm, Tony has your Facebook comments, 8 track, last week, new Apocalypse Babys song, Tony turning into a monster, full disclosure, scraping wax from pine, Nutty Nottingham tour, hand sanitizer and pasta, Cherry Red, From the Vaults, Billy Bootleggers, Snake Bite, Tony's International Gig Guide, this week, Bedlam Breakout, Izzatwat and a reminder of the ways you can listen to us.

Song 1: Incisions – New Day
Song 2: The Phlegm – Jet Board
Song 3: Stepford Wives – All On Me
Song 4: The Cravats – Jam Rabbits
Song 5: The Revillos – Scuba Boy Bop
Song 6: Follow Your Dreams - Maggots
Song 7: Torment – Pass It On
Song 8: The Stingrays – June Rhyme
Song 9: Pizzatramp – Knighthoods Are For Cunts

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