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The Bedlam Hangover Special!

17 March 2020

This weeks show features songs from the new Manchester Punk Festival compilation, however since recording this weeks show we've since heard that Manchester Punk Festival is not happening this year. Hopefully it can be reorganised, but until then enjoy 9 songs from The Dangerfields, Guns N Wankers, Sick Ones, The Hard Toms, Art Brut, Torment, Cocaine Piss and Happy Accidents.

Manchester Punk Festival, Tony has your Facebook comments, Timo, Uglyshoes, Covid covers, last week, Tony's cat, Bedlam Breakout, swans, From the Vaults, an interview with Torment, Mart from Crash Induction, Tony's International Gig Guide - Cancelled Edition, don't shut our pubs, Covid 19, Panic Buying, dentures, Cocaine Piss!, Izzatwat, free car and a reminder of the ways you can listen!

Song 1: The Dangerfields - 1955
Song 2: Guns N Wankers – Skin Deep
Song 3: Sick Ones - Agility
Song 4: The Hard Toms – Quando! Quando! Quando!
Song 5: Art Brut – 18,000 Lira
Song 6: Torment - Torment
Song 7: Torment – Eye For An Eye
Song 8: Cocaine Piss – Eat The Rich
Song 9: Happy Accidents – Wait It Out

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