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The Don't Panic Special!

24 March 2020

As self isolation starts to kick in, Punky Radio has already stocked up on some great music - so don't panic! Get ready for nine songs from The Dents, Total Rejects, Moron’s Morons, Chaos Bleak, Limozine, Blushe, Ugly Fly Guys, False Heads and Brassick.

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Song 1: The Dents – Last One Standing
Song 2: Total Rejects – (This Night) I’m Going To Be Destroyed
Song 3: Moron’s Morons – Addicted To Homicide
Song 4: Chaos Bleak – Return/Revenge
Song 5: Limozine – Drink Yourself Out Of It
Song 6: Blushe – Shark Attack
Song 7: Ugly Fly Guys – Uh Uh Oh Yeah
Song 8: False Heads – Steady On Your Knees
Song 9: Brassick – It Could Have Been Any Of Us

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