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The Chocalockdown Special!

15 April 2020

The lockdown continues and this week we are helped out with some songs from people we know! So stay where you are, clear 56 minutes of your schedule and welcome with open arms (whilst keeping your distance) nine songs from Snuff, The Phlegm, Kalle & Toby, The Urban Voodoo Machine, The Primitives, Moron’s Morons, The Wrong, P.U.T vs Infidelix and Tony Hearn.

The Voice of Jeff, recording / internet problems, Will Smith, The Thick of It, Tony has your Facebook comments, Frankie Boyle, Leave Your Hat On, green screen, last week, Easter eggs, PBETV, online snap, From the Vaults, The Primitives Boxset no gigs..., please leave us some reviews!, donate to us at, this week, Tony working a bit, stir crazy, more fun at home, Izzatwat, Red Dwarf, Chris Packham, Tony's done another cover, Kazoo friendly and we finally relax after internet problems!

Song 1: Snuff – Conductor 71
Song 2: The Phlegm – She Don’t Like Me
Song 3: Kalle & Toby – Creature In The Woods
Song 4: The Urban Voodoo Machine – Living In Fear
Song 5: The Primitives – Sick Of It
Song 6: Moron’s Morons – You Put Hot In Psychotic
Song 7: The Wrong – It’s Been A Long Time
Song 8: P.U.T vs Infidelix - Evil
Song 9: Tony Hearn – Nutbush City Limits

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