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The Rock Around The Lockdown Special!

21 April 2020

Another week creeps by, and the lockdown continues... Never fear, Punky is here! So, clear your schedule and get ready for nine songs from The Prefab Messiahs, Wretched Hive, Hong Kong Dollars, Saturday’s Heroes, The Partisans, Michael Bernier, The Dirty Truckers, Tasteless and Dictator Ship.

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Song 1: The Prefab Messiahs – 21st Century Failure
Song 2: Wretched Hive – Dirty Ol’ Dublin
Song 3: Hong Kong Dollars – Death On The Radio
Song 4: Saturday’s Heroes – Turn Up The Music
Song 5: The Partisans – Power & The Greed
Song 6: Michael Bernier – Equal Rights
Song 7: The Dirty Truckers – Help You Ann
Song 8: Tasteless- Imposter
Song 9: Dictator Ship – In The Heat Of The Night

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