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The Let There Be Lockdown Special!

26 May 2020

This week we are as happy as a Punky in Skype. Marvel! As we can hear ourselves! Be dazzled! By the lack of uncomfortable pauses. Be astounded! By nine superlative songs from Cheap Gunslingers, The False Positives, Anabollic Steroids, Jeff Rosenstock, Bleach Boys, Play Centre, Tasteless, Peuk and The Hi End.

Comedy Suburbs, ironing, Tony has your Facebook comments, like, follow and share, Cinnamon gum, Judge Mental, ask Vader, That's Punky!, last week, paid and unpaid work, PBETV, Bongs of Praise, Fours a Crowd, sunburn, Netflix, From the Vaults, The Bleach Boys, Dead Kennedys, thank you for your donations, Tasteless, side burns, this week, covers, online course, lockdown lovies, Flanders, Izzatwat, Heg Tollo!, masks, Tony tries to get Izzatwat right... and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Cheap Gunslingers – Record Store
Song 2: The False Positives - Caveman
Song 3: Anabollic Steroids – All For One
Song 4: Jeff Rosenstock - Scram
Song 5: Bleach Boys – H.U.A.
Song 6: Play Centre – Space Travel
Song 7: Tasteless – Bad Taste
Song 8: Peuk – Cave Person
Song 9: The Hi End – Way Of Life

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