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The Lockdown Lobster Special!

16 June 2020

More bleedin' lockdown init? Well, to get us through another week of nonsense, here is our nonsense along with some bubbly tunes from The Derellas, Jay Allen And The Archcriminals, Retoro, Nikki Hill, Art Brut, DITZ, Stop Calling Me Frank, The Dents and WACO.

Comedy Suburbs, Poetry Corner, castles in the sand, Tony has your Facebook comments, Marshall HQ, last week, work, work and indeed more work, lodgers, PBETV, online snap, Bongs of Praise, From the Vaults, no gigs, donations!, the week ahead, unfinished and new recordings, kazoo, Fathers Day, no Izzatwat this week, word of the week and a reminder of how you can listen.

Song 1: The Derellas – Inner City Rock N Roll
Song 2: Jay Allen And The Archcriminals – Little Daggers
Song 3: Retoro – Mr. Alligator
Song 4: Nikki Hill – Don’t Be The Sucker
Song 5: Art Brut – My Little Brother
Song 6: DITZ – Roll Model
Song 7: Stop Calling Me Frank – King Tut’s Tomb
Song 8: The Dents – Last One Standing
Song 9: WACO – Dark Before The Dawn

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